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Foster homes in Latvia ensure basic needs of children and teenagers – to be able to survive and make a living. But it is also important to inspire and educate the new generation, to help them grow into independently thinking and creative individuals, thus opening new horizons in life. It is important for them to believe in their own abilities and talents, which in the future will improve the economic, political and social environments of Latvia.
Life has many different aspects and school and family don’t provide enough education about everything. In our opinion, it is very important for the new generation to learn about different opportunities and industries, and to give them a chance to talk to successful and smart people.
On this page, you can financially support OTZI fund, which includes:
  • organization of events about education, health, self-development, finance, and others
  • organization of internships for teenagers in their respective professional fields
  • organization of meetings with successful people to learn from their experience and gain motivation and self-belief
We will be very grateful for any support and we guarantee that all resources will be used with maximum efficiency in order to continue actively participating in the development of young people in Latvia.

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The goal of OTZI is social work in the field of youth development, which includes organization of different events and projects, as well as other supportive activities.

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