Date and time:

23.01.2016. 10:00 – 13:30


Meeting the owner of beauty parlor “Le Studio” (, Maija Ēberliņa, and visual image expert Elana Bērziņa, as well as Lauris Aleksejevs, owner and chef of restaurant “36. line” (


Give children and youth a deeper understanding on professions in beauty and catering industries, as well as opportunities of practice/internship.


SOS Village in Valmiera (Ganību street 3)


OTZI Foundation representatives:

  • Veronika Kima-Zeile;
  • Dana Čerņecova;
  • Maija Ēberliņa (the owner of beauty parlor “Le Studio”);
  • Elana Bērziņa (Visual image expert);
  • Lauris Aleksejevs (the owner and chef of restaurant “36. line”);
  • Video operator (D.Pušpurs).

SOS Village in Valmiera representatives:

  • Baiba Liepiņa;
  • 18 children (from 12 years old).