Date and time:

28.12.2015. 10:00 – 17:00


Collective baking of gingerbreads and decoration of cakes. Decoration, packaging and selling of gingerbreads.


  1. Mostly an entertainment event with a goal to meet the children from SOS Village in Valmiera, create connection and learn how best to plan future activities;
  2. „Gingerbread and cake baking and decoration“ – improve the skills of children and youth to:
    1. Work in a team;
    2. Assume responsibility and manage work;
    3. Concentrate attention and hold it for a longer time on a single task;
    4. Roll out the dough and bake gingerbreads;
    5. Make cake topping and decorate the cakes;
    6. Make gingerbread decorations from natural ingredients.
  3. „Decoration, packaging and selling of gingerbreads“ – to improve the children and youth’s:
    1. creativity;
    2. confidence and bravery to approach strangers;
    3. independence.


SOS Village in Valmiera (Ganību street 3)


OTZI Foundation representatives:

  • Veronika Kima-Zeile;
  • Dana Čerņecova;
  • Baiba Legzdiņa (the owner of the “Mon Amour” cafe in the Old Riga);
  • Video operator (D.Pušpurs) and photographer.

SOS Village in Valmiera representatives:

  • Edijs Pētersons;
  • Baiba Liepiņa;
  • 6 SOS moms;
  • 34 children.