Date and time:

16.01.2016. 12:00 – 14:30


Lecture and practical tasks on healthy food, physical exercise and lifestyle as a whole.


  1. Give children and youth an insight into basics of healthy nutrition;
  2. Teach the basic exercise complex necessary to maintain general health and well-being;
  3. Give insight on the principles of healthy lifestyle (nutrition, physical activities, brain functioning). Discuss how lifestyle, health and well-being influences life achievements and mental activities as a whole.


SOS Village in Valmiera (Ganību street 3)


OTZI Foundation representatives:

  • Veronika Kima-Zeile;
  • Dana Čerņecova;
  • Igors Šeļegovs (the co-owner and trainer of the fitness club “SunFit”);
  • Video operator (D. Pušpurs).

SOS Village in Valmiera representatives:

  • Dina Kupča;
  • 2 SOS mom;
  • 24 children (from 12 years old).