OTZI Health & Fitness Ziedoņdarzā kopā ar Akseli Cīruli!

OTZI kopā ar Aksels Cīrulis un enerģijas pilniem jauniešiem paspēja noķert pēdējas siltas dieniņas un jautri izkustēties OTZI Health & Fitness pasākumā!Liels paldies Akselim par novadītu nodarbību!

Posted by OTZI fonds on Friday, 19 October 2018

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Park ‘Ziedoņdārzs’ 

Why support?

Social support institutions in Latvia ensure basic needs of children and teenagers – to be able to survive and make a living. But it is also important to inspire and educate the new generation, to help them grow into independently thinking and creative individuals, thus opening new horizons in life. It is important for them to believe in their own abilities and talents, which in the future will improve the economic, political and social environments of Latvia.


The new school season is just around the corner, so on the 30th of August we decided to throw an open-air training together with Aksels Cīrulis as part of OTZI Health & Fitness course. During the training we did not only learn the basic steps towards a good, healthy posture and active lifestyle but also got an energy boost for the whole year ahead!

Thank you Aksels!


Aksels Cīrulis – MyFitness fitness instructor