Date and Time:

09.06.2018. 10:00 -15:00


College of Business Administration

Why support?

Social support institutions in Latvia ensure basic needs of children and teenagers – to be able to survive and make a living. But it is also important to inspire and educate the new generation, to help them grow into independently thinking and creative individuals, thus opening new horizons in life. It is important for them to believe in their own abilities and talents, which in the future will improve the economic, political and social environments of Latvia.


The first OTZI Finance event with CashFlow Klubs, during which we will play one of the most famous financial games “Cashflow” from an international best-selling author Robert Kiyosaki.

“Cashflow” game helps easily understand the basics of cash flow that can be applied in everyday life. The game’s goal is to help understand the nature of earning and spending money, plan finances and teach how to strive for the financial freedom!